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Carpet Bowls

Carpet Bowls takes place in the Clubhouse


The Elvaston clubhouse is the venue for our carpet bowls section, which is open to anyone, including members of other outdoor clubs, or indeed those who do not play at all in the summer.

The basic principle of carpet bowls is the same as the full-size form of the game, but there is the added complication of an obstacle in the middle of the carpet to ensure that players use the bias rather than bowling too fast down the middle of the mat.  This is why the game is known as "round the stick" in Scotland.  The mat length is much shorter than a full rink size, and the bowls and jack are correspondingly smaller.











The Elvaston club welcomes all players.  Sessions take place on Saturday afternoons (2.00pm), and there are occasionally games against other clubs on Wednesday afternoons. Space is quite tight, but we manage to have three mats in operation, so that there is a limit of 24 players in each session.  The format is basically one of playing two games of seven ends each, followed by tea and then a third game, all played in a spirit of friendly rivalry!

There is absolutely no dress code - everything is extremely relaxed.  The only advice is to wear something warm and comfortable.

Costs are £3 per session, with a membership fee of £15 per season.  The season has finished for the winter and we hope to gather back together again in September.

Indoor Bowls

The nearest indoors bowls stadium is at West Denton near Newcastle


Indoor bowls, as the term is generally used, refers to a form of the game which is essentially the same as the outdoor version.  It is also played on a carpet, but within a stadium or hall with full-size rinks and equipment.

The bowls centre at West Denton has eight rinks.  There are league competitions on every day from Monday to Friday, with inter-club matches and other tournaments at weekends.  Non-competitive bowling is possible on any day, but because of the number of competitive games you really need to check before going in for a speculative game. Their direct number is 0191 (then) 267 7459.

About 18 or 20 Elvaston members travel regularly to play at West Denton, which is just west of the A69/A1 junction.  We usually play together in various permutations, so that travel is shared.  

Competitive games require the typical bowling dress code of white above the waist and grey below, with proper bowling shoes. Non-competitive games have no dress code except for the requirement for bowling shoes.  These, and other equipment, are available for hire.

Annual membership for the 23/24 season is available for £50 (under 25s £10, under 18s Free) plus £6 locker fee. In addition there are fees for members for casual bowling and team fees for leagues, details of which are on their website.


Casual non-member bowling is £3.70 per person for an hour, or £5.70 per person per hour for two hours. These sessions are during specified times and need to be booked in advance.


For further details please check out their website. 

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