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How to join

Membership Fees for 2024 will be £120 per annum, free for Junior members (18 and under). New bowlers are offered half-price membership for their first year. 

If you are brand new to bowling then you may be wondering what you need by way of equipment, such as bowls. Please do not worry, we have many sets of bowls that can be tried out for size. As for what to wear guidance on the dress code is on the right. 


What if you are unsure and just want to try it out.  The best thing to do is to come along to our open morning held on a Saturday at the beginning of each season when you can have a go at bowling without any commitment whatsoever and have a nice coffee and chat. Several of our experienced and friendly instructors will be there to welcome you and to show you the ropes. If you would like to take it further introductory training sessions are offered in the following weeks to help you gain in confidence and knowledge. But the best way to learn is to keep playing the game, especially against better players. And of course you can come to the club when the rinks are free to practice on your own. You'll be surprised how good you bowl at these times!

If you are a more experienced player we are involved in plenty of competitions on a county and national level being represented by some of our experienced and talented members. We would love you to join us and represent our club at these levels.

Experienced or new, join us by simply downloading the application form by clicking the link below or if you would like to know more go to the Contact us page with any queries or for questions not answered by the website. 

Non-members are welcome to use the Green on payment of a fee charged per session. 

Application form: 

Club membership subscriptions are as follows:

Full member: £120

New to bowling: £60 (first year)

Social member: £10

Junior member (18 and under): Free

100 Club: £12

(100 Club is a monthly draw with three prizes:

£20, £10, and £5.)

How to find us

Our Clubhouse address is:
Elvaston Road, Hexham, NE46 2HG. 

The main gate (entry on foot only) is on the right-hand side as you go up Elvaston Road, about 50 metres past St George's Road, where two telegraph poles stand immediately opposite one another.

If you use the what3words app you would easily find us by going to comment.midfield.half

Monday-Friday parking in the designated spaces on Elvaston Road is limited to four hours until 4.00pm.  At weekends there is no time limit.

Parking places are very limited in the nearby side streets.  If all available places in the marked bays on Elvaston Road are full please be respectful of our neighbours when using any adjacent roads.

Club Committee (2024)
Chairman: Keith Woods
President: Pat Sheedy
Ladies' Captain: Suzanne Phillips
Secretary: Mark Terry

Treasurer: David Bowen
Men's Match Secretary: Keith Sanders 
Ladies' Match Secretary: Shelagh Carter
Green Ranger: Steve Benson
Catering Convener: Marian Fairless
Elected Member:
Michael Slade 
Co-opted Members:



Members new to bowling (and the experienced who need a refresher) may find the guidance below on what does count for politeness and etiquette when playing bowls. Some are written into the Laws of bowls and others are unwritten but expected of us. We hope this proves helpful in making the game enjoyable for all.

Dress code

For Club competitions and "Jumbles" we ask members to wear white tops and grey below the waist.  For league matches we wear the official club shirt which can be purchased at reasonable cost from our honorary treasurer.  For "bounce" games between members there is no special dress code.  Non-members do not need any special clothing, although approved flat-soled shoes must be worn at all times on the green by all players. 

Spectators are welcomed to

watch the play from the hut or

benches and the clubhouse

has wonderful views across

the green.

Come on in...

"If you're wanting a real sport for all

make our bowls club your first port of call

simply call in and try us

we'll explain about bias

and soon you'll be having a ball!"


Privacy Policy

We are totally committed to respecting the personal data of members, following the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (2018). 
Any personal data will be held solely for the purpose of contacting you, or for administrative purposes such as the (anonymised) reporting of membership numbers, etc. 
You are entitled to ask us for details of the information which we hold.  A copy of our privacy policy is also available on request.


The club now has a portable defibrillator which is in a green case beside the first aid box in the office area. Anyone can use it without prior training as full instructions are given by voice once the case is opened. 

Members are strongly encouraged to view a short 4-minute video by St John Ambulance on YouTube. Links:

Title: How to use a Defibrillator (A.E.D.) on an Adult - First Aid Training - St John Ambulance



Also watch this short video explaining how to do CPR:

Title: How to do CPR on an Adult - First Aid Training - St John Ambulance


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